Tuesday, April 30, 2013

“Accurate makes India’s flag high at NASA”

Team Accurate has added another feather in its success cap and set a milestone in 20th Annual NASA the Great Moon Buggy race -2013 at Huntsville, Alabama, USA and made India proud by winning Moon Bowl-A lunar Science Quiz conducted on Thursday, April 25 at US Space and Rocket Center Huntsville, Alabama, leaving behind contestants from all the 108 teams across the world. The quiz was conducted to test the participants' knowledge of the moon. The Moon Bowl consisted of questions about the moon's various physical characteristics: orbital elements; temperature and radiation environments; chemistry; exosphere; magnetism; cratering; and geology, as well as topics regarding its formation and evolution.

The Moon Bowl followed Single Elimination Bracket format. All teams competed in the first round, with the winner of each pair progressing to the next round. Points were awarded to the team that correctly answered a question before the opposing team, by pressing the buzzer first. A correct answer was awarded one point. An incorrect answer earned no points, and the opposing team was offered the chance to answer. Once a team member had pressed the buzzer, the team had five seconds to answer, at which point the opposing team also might answer. Each round consisted of 10 questions.

Team Accurate has created the history by winning this award because it is one of the teams from India which got the NASA honour first time in the history of 20 years of NASA -The Great Moon Buggy Race. 

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