Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Admission Process at Accurate

Accurate aims at producing the best scholars within the walls of this institution. This calls for the applying aspirants to be carefully scrutinized to accurately gauge the abilities of every student so that suitable attention can be given to each student’s individual capabilities and hone the inherent talents each one possesses. To ensure that the best talents are served at the campus, there has been painstakingly developed a careful battery of tests that comprehensively test the abilities of a student. The caliber of students are established across a host of areas and through cautiously designed written, verbal and aptitude tests. The successful candidates are also given due weight of their past academic performances so as to make the procedure as all encompassing as feasible. Due consideration is also given to any past relevant work experiences as these serve as building blocks towards broadening the students’ horizons and developing a clear understanding of the subject at hand. The psychological and aptitude tests are designed so as to adjudge the problem solving approach, rationality and the ability to create avenues out of apparent roadblocks. At Accurate, not only successful professionals but also successful citizens are cultured. This vision calls for the aspiring students to have a 360˚ outlook towards all the aspects of learning. The selection procedure in itself is a strict and meticulous one involving written test of skills, a case study to understand the problem solving approach and a personal interview to assess the mental toughness and soft skills of the candidate. As a part of the development process at Accurate, emphasis is given to all round progress of students so that they can make it to the top rung with expertise and finesse in all walks of the chosen field.

Promoting social causes, Accurate also has announced a scholarship of Rs. 1 Crore to the advantage of weaker sections of the society.

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