Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Accurate is the best in placements?

The comprehensive approach we adopt in the placement process is one of our strongest points that benefits students to no end during campus placement sessions. We specialize in turning road blocks into stepping stones and that is the reason why the economic slowdown proved to be a chance to explore SMEs and start ups as employment avenues. This initiative saw the last placement session (September 2012- April 2013) saw Accurate playing host to as many as 186 companies and the legacy continues in the current session (September 2013- December 2013) where we held campus placement sessions for 180 organizations. This resulted in a very healthy percentage of placements for our students on campus, a 100% for MBA/PGDM/MCA and B. Tech. As for the 2014 batch, a total of 430 out of the 875 students have been placed so far across courses.

The major organizations that have visited our campus for placement purposes are:
IBM, HCL TECHNOLOGIES, MICROSOFT INDIA, CAPITAL IQ, LAURUS INFOSYSTEMS, COMPRO TECHNOLOGIES, SAFENET, INTER GLOBE TECHNOLOGIES, TVS, NIIT TECH, GENPACT, INOXAPPS, FORESIGHT, DATA64, GRAPECITY, CADENCE and many more….. the exhaustive list includes over 400 names with highest package offered being Rs. 8.00 l/a, the lowest Rs. 2.10 l/a and the average standing at a healthy Rs. 2.40 l/a.

At Accurate we have undertaken numerous steps to ensure every session sees a greater number of companies stepping in for recruitment drives. These include but are not exclusive to:

1.  Registration drives- Registering the talents on various platforms like NASSCOM NAC – Tech assessment registration and student profile creation on over 500 career portals

2.  Developing swift online communication channels- For those unable to physically be present, initiatives likes Placement Face Book page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/aimtpc/), Accurate Almaconnect Portal to connect with the alumni (https://accurate.almaconnect.com/), Accurate Blog to connect with the world of Accurate (http://accurate-in.blogspot.in/), Accurate Tweet (https://twitter.com/accuratecampus) and Google Groups stream wise

3.  Organization of Industry awareness programmes and quizzes- For development of an aptitude towards global working environments, Accurate has partnered with industry giants like Microsoft in the form of Microsoft Programs at Accurate such as I Unlock Joy/ Microsoft Students Partner, with Wipro via Wipro Mission 10X which is a certificate programme for faculty as well students to go beyond the ordinary in their quest for the best and the unconventional, Google I/O which is an annual developer focused conference by Google featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine etc., IBM The Great Mind Challenge aimed at developing student capabilities towards generating solution to real time problems in an interactive environment using IBM & Open Source Software, NTPC Electron Quiz-2012, L&T Co-Creating Sustainable Solution for the Future acting as a global platform for students from India and Denmark to improve communication and innovation etc. These are some of the most innovative initiatives Accurate has associated itself with in the past.

Placement Process Flow Chart:
·         Phase I- Climatic Study of Institute
·         Phase II- Training Need Assessment
·         Phase III- Designing The Training Module and Implementation
·         PHASE- IV- Post Training Assessment
·         PHASE- V- Campus Placement 

Initiatives to drive placements:
·         CEWA (Career Exploration Wing @ Accurate)
·         Established Career Counseling Cell
·         Expert Lectures
·         Mentorship Program

We concentrate on all round development of a student, aptitude wise as well as skill wise as is evident from our various initiatives stated herein. Apart from this, we also work towards honing the adaptive capabilities of our students and instilling a sense of belonging to the global working environments. This is achieved through a careful study of such environments and subsequent adaptation into useful practices and routines. The set of skills apart from knowledge that help a student thrive in a global environment are as below.
EQ- Emotional quotient is one of the more important aspects of a candidate’s profile that employers are increasingly looking out for these days. Having a high EQ means one is able to gel with teams easily and works towards a conducive and mutually rewarding work atmosphere. The presence of a high EQ also denotes problem solving aptitude and adaptability to diverse business conditions. This is why, at Accurate, we pay special attention to fostering an environment which is not only good for learning but is also aptly suited for developing co-existence and dependability.

Communication skills- Communication skills is probably one of the most important aspects of the personality which gives the very first impression to a recruiter. Inter-personal communication and your ability to put forth their mind with clarity is something that goes a long way towards building a place for you in the corporate ranks. Recognizing the importance of a good communication, Accurate provides the students with ample exposure via industrial trainings and grooming sessions.

Foreign Language Adeptness- Foreign languages are very important for aspiring candidates as both IT and Management are fields with truly global reach. This not only adds to the students’ repertoire but also gives them a definite edge over others. A good command over various highly used languages of the business world like French, German, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese, the languages of the hubs of business arena, is definitely something a recruiter will eye with interest.

Tech Savvy- Modern technology has invaded all aspects of the business arena. To master technology is the first step towards making a future for yourself in the business world. Working in virtual environments is a common aspect of global businesses across industries these days. Comfort in working with such virtual set ups displays a confidence and adaptability that recruiters are sure to notice and appreciate.

Sensitivity towards time zones- Aspiration to work with MNCs with operations in multiple locations across the globe calls for candidates to have a sense of the various time zones and willingness to work in sync with these time zones. Especially important for those aspiring for roles in the IT, ITes, KPO, Automotives and such sectors, sensitivity and comfort towards various time zones in a candidate is an added advantage and a major consideration for various recruiters.

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