Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Placements at Accurate

At Accurate, we understand the significance of an institute’s placement cell extremely well. It is the very impetus for a meteoric career for students once they enter the corporate ranks. To prepare them for the right job and to take them to its doorstep is what our wonderfully adorned and astutely adapted placement cell specializes in. Through its host of contacts in the corporate sector and well placed connections among every major MNC, we strive towards starting the careers of our students on just the right note. Extensive inputs collected in the form of research and comprehensive coverage of the industries across the business arena is carried out at the Director Placements’ office and the crux of all the important aspects is then instilled in the students through strategically developed placement oriented programmes and special initiatives, preparing them for the corporate life ahead of them. In line with the different specializations, we have partnered with the best of industry players and practices to afford the students the absolute best in terms of placement opportunities. Every major Corporate house from different walks of the business like Microsoft, Data 64, Indian Navy, Capital IQ, ACS Global, Linkedin, Appstudioz, Cummins etc. visit the campus for the recruitment drive wherein students not only get a chance to search for the best of opportunities but also get to learn the global nature of the business environment.

Placement Process
Being the top job on the priority list of every technical training institute, placements are taken very seriously at Accurate. The sole purpose of all academia is to present the best shot for our students at a world class organization providing the right exposure and experience for the years to come in their professional lives. Leading corporate players from across the country participate in the placement process to pick some of the best talents for their respective organizations. Accurate, being far-sighted, has developed an exclusive Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) which acts the interface between the students and the industry. The primary focus of the CCR is arranging internships and final placement openings for students of the institution. A strong network of industry experts, alumni, members of the placement committee and faculty members, under the able guidance of the Director- Corporate relations work ceaselessly at developing the best opportunities the corporate world has to offer.

Activities at CCR
  •  Industry-Institute Interface
  • Industry Visits
  • Management Development Programmes / Seminars / Workshops
  • Personality Development Framework
  • Pre-Placement Counseling
  • CCR and Faculty Committee facilitates and provides the guidance to the students

Various activities organized to impart the value of involvement in the process and sharing responsibilities are as below.
  •            Developing & Executing the Placement Strategy
  •          Conducting Recruitment Survey
  •          Interaction with Potential Recruiters
  •          Placement Presentation at Various Companies
  •     Group Discussions followed by Interview Skills Development Sessions      
  •     Career Guidance

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